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The Firefly Collection

My 3rd baby! I am Stacey Turner the owner and founder of The Firefly Collection.

I am a wife, a mum to two little girls who you may start to see this season on my socials. I live in regional, Victoria. Have a passion for showing horses, water skiing and wine... all the wine! 

I am a one man show, you dm and I reply, you comment on a post and I reply, send an email inquiry and I reply. I pack your orders, update our website and also create the lame instagram posts that you may or may not see... (still woking on content creation, please don't judge to harshly). 

I used to believe you can do it all.. but it looks like I might need to get some help now things are growing.

I started The Firefly Collection because I love summer, and I love swimwear and I want to make women love swimwear too, love wearing it and love the way it makes them feel. But I mainly created it for my friends, they told me what they wanted and I hope I delivered. I asked all my friends what they wanted and they told me... "high waisted swimwear that is flattering and actually high waisted"...... So here we are.

A small collection that is growing.... ENJOY!